The Psychology of Forensic Evidence

Edited by: Anna Sagana, Melanie Sauerland

Series: Zeitschrift für Psychologie - Volume 45

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Forensic evidence is often not as clear cut as many think - find out why and how psychology plays a vital role.

This volume addresses challenges in the evaluation and application of forensic evidence in criminal proceedings. It aims to shed light on the role and the corruptive influences of different types of evidence and their interplay in criminal proceedings. Research reported here shows that collection and interpretation of forensic evidence aresusceptible to contextual influences and biases; that not all types of forensic evidence are equal in terms of reliability and accuracy; and moreover, that courts often overvalue the quality of evidence. It highlights the need for maximizing safeguards and the importance of proper training among forensic experts and legal practitioners. This can best be accomplished when representatives from different disciplines and professions, law and psychology, research and practice, form allegiances.

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