Journal of the International Society of the Rorschach

Edited by: Sadegh Nashat

Series: Yearbook of the International Rorschach Society - Volume 38

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Thought-provoking contributions from the world of the Rorschach – including a special section interpreting a single case, with the aid of the Rorschach, from different psychoanalytical perspectives

This latest volume of Rorschachiana illustrates the diversity of ideas and applications that projective methods offer. In a general section a diverse blend of innovative research articles are presented, including an investigation into the personalities and psychopathologies of patients with psoriasis, a study examining whether men are more likely to qualify their Rorschach human content responses as males and women as females, and a research report identifying differences in the emotional indicators in the Two Human Figures Test due to cultural variables.

A fascinating special section presents the interpretations by a panel of experienced clinicians of a single Rorschach protocol and case study from five different psychoanalytic theoretical lenses: psychoanalytic ego psychology, object relations theory, self psychology, interpersonal theory, and attachment theory. An integrated discussion shows how varied psychoanalytical theories are, but that similar conclusions were drawn, and that together the clinicians provided a very detailed and rich case formulation.

"[A] great addition to the libraries of clinicians and researchers who use the Rorschach test."
Gary B Kaniuk, PsyD, Germak Health Services, in Doody's Book Reviews, 2018

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