Edited by: Anne Andronikof

Series: Yearbook of the International Rorschach Society - Volume 26

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Each year this series provides a unique, timely, and readable look at the world of Rorschach: surveys of the most recent clinical research results, discussions of the instrument’s usefulness, how the Rorschach is used in various countries around the world and in different problem areas, as well as new insights from seasoned practitioners and theoreticians. It is a vital and thought-provoking source of up-to-date information for experts, and also makes fascinating reading for those learning Rorschach techniques, such as graduate students in clinical programs.

Rorschachiana, now under the Editorship of Prof. Anne Andronikof-Sanglade, is the official publication of the International Rorschach Society, now consisting of some 1,700 members throughout the world, which for half a century has played an important role in supporting the use of the instrument, as well as helping to develop extensive empirical research on its effectiveness in specific clinical situations.

"I really enjoyed this volume. It provides cross-cultural evidence for the wide support of this test. It is fascinating to see how the Rorschach descriptive statistics you see in the Exner workbook compare to other cultures...
"The book justifies replacing the previous edition because research provides us with new data."
Gary B. Kaniuk, Psy.D., Cermak Health Services

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