ICF Core Sets

Manual for Clinical Practice

Edited by: Jerome E. Bickenbach, Alarcos Cieza, Melissa Selb, Gerold Stucki

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The new updated edition of this invaluable manual for assessing and documenting functioning, disability, and health according to the WHO ICF

WHO’s International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) is the internationally accepted standard for assessing, documenting, and reporting functioning and disability. The ICF Core Sets highlighted in this second edition of the book have been developed to facilitate the standardized use of the ICF in real-life clinical practice. Consequently, they can guide clinical quality management efforts. This edition has been updated to reflect developments in the ICF Core Sets.

This manual:

  • Introduces the concepts of functioning and the biopsychosocial model of the ICF
  • Describes how and why the ICF Core Sets have been developed
  • Explains step-by-step an approach for applying the ICF Core Sets in clinical practice
  • Provides practical tips for clinicians to apply the easy-to-use, comprehensive documentation form
  • Includes case examples illustrating the assessment of people with different health conditions and in different healthcare contexts

This manual is inherently multi-professional and will be of benefit not only for practitioners working in various healthcare contexts but also for students and teachers.

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