Hogrefe OpenMind – Your road to open access

by Dr. G.-Jürgen Hogrefe
CEO and Publisher, Hogrefe Publishing Group

We in the Hogrefe group have been publishing literature for the scientific and professional community for many decades and several generations. We have always tried to be close to – or even part of – the scientific, academic and professional communities with whom and for whom we publish, and at the same time have always had an open mind about how the information and research that we publish can be disseminated. In keeping with this, and with the increasing interest of the academic community in open access publishing models, I am pleased to announce that we can now offer authors of papers that have been accepted for publication in any of our journals a choice:

  • Open Access Publication
    Your article will be published with immediate open access, so that it is freely accessible online to anyone who wishes to read it (it will also appear in the print journal)
  • Traditional, Subscription-Based Publication
    Your article is published in the traditional manner, available to journal subscribers online and in print and to readers worldwide by pay-per-view

As most readers will be aware, publishing and distributing a journal article involves expenses at all stages during the review and publication process – these may start with costs of editorial office or online peer-review system and go right through copy-editing, typesetting, data preparation, online linking, hosting, and archiving. In the more traditional publishing model, journal subscriptions and online licenses cover these expenses. With open access publication, you the author or your funding body will be asked to pay a basic article fee to to cover the costs of the open access publication process.