Hogrefe OpenMind – Our open access program

Hogrefe has an open mind as to how research is published. And so we offer authors of papers that have been accepted for publication in any of our journals a choice:

  • Open Access Publication
    Your article will be published with immediate open access, so that it is accessible online, free of charge, to anyone who wishes to read it (it will also appear in the print journal)
  • Traditional, Subscription-Based Publication
    Your article is published in the traditional manner, available to journal subscribers online and in print and to anyone worldwide by "pay per view"

Publishing and distributing a journal article involves expenses at all stages during the review and publication process – these may start with expenses for the editorial office or online peer-review system and go right through copy-editing, typesetting, data preparation, online reference linking, printing and mailing of print issues, to hosting and archiving. In the traditional publishing model, journal subscriptions cover these expenses. With open access publication, they are covered by means of a basic article fee paid by you as author or your funding body.

Whichever publishing option you choose, your article will be treated the same way by Hogrefe and by the editorial team of the journal in which it is published: All articles will be peer-reviewed, professionally produced, and published both in print and in electronic versions of the journal. Every article will be given a DOI and registered with CrossRef


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