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The corresponding author of each published article will receive free online access to the published version of record when the article is first released online. The author may download the PDF of the published version of record. It is provided for the author’s personal use, including for sharing with coauthors.

Terms of use

Articles from Hogrefe journals may be shared by faculty for teaching and training purposes at any time, as long as reasonable measures are taken to not allow open sharing on the internet.

A typical journal article may be available in various versions: (1) the manuscript as originally submitted to the journal and before peer review (submitted manuscript); (2) the manuscript as accepted by the journal after peer review (accepted manuscript); (3) the final, approved and published version (version of record).

Submitted manuscript (before peer review): The manuscript of the article as originally submitted to the journal may be shared at any time. It should be labelled with the date the manuscript was prepared and should also include a statement that the manuscript in this form has not yet been accepted for publication.

Accepted manuscript (after peer review): The manuscript version accepted by the journal for publication may be shared as follows:

  • On authors’ personal websites, in their own institutional repository, and in not-for-profit subject-based repositories, subject to an embargo period (1) of 12 months after publication in the respective journal issue or (2) that is in accordance with and results from regulatory and legal obligations.
  • In scholarly communication networks (SCNs): may be shared within private research groups until the embargo passes, and thereafter publicly in SCNs.
  • With individuals upon request for personal use: may be shared at any time.
  • As part of a grant application or submission of a thesis or doctorate: may be shared at any time.
  • The accepted manuscript version that is shared should include a DOI link to the version of record, as well as the publisher’s copyright line in the form [journal title], [volume no.], [issue no.], © [year] by [publisher’s name], and a statement that “This version of the article may not completely replicate the final version published in [journal title]. It is not the version of record and is therefore not suitable for citation.”

Final published article (version of record): The final version of the article as published in the journal (version of record) may not be posted on websites or in repositories or shared in scholarly communication networks (SCNs) except with the express written permission of the publisher. Changing or modifying the article, and reproducing, distributing, or licensing the article in whole or part for commercial purposes, are not permitted. The version of record may, however, be shared at any time as follows:

  • With individuals upon request for personal use
  • As part of a grant application or submission of a thesis or doctorate

Hogrefe OpenMind

Hogrefe provides an optional open access publication model for authors whose institutions or funding bodies mandate or who desire immediate gold open access publication. For details, see

September 15, 2016