Happy Holidays

The old year is drawing to a close and a new one is on the horizon, so now seems a good time for all of us at Hogrefe to thank you for your interest and support in the past year.

If you do wonder what to do before we return in the new year, check out some of the articles below that we and some of our authors published on our website 2018.

Perhaps most appropriate of all for the holidays is cyberpsychology expert (and author of Internet Addiction) Daria Kuss’ advice on phones as the new adult pacifiers:

  1. Make time for technology use in the morning and in the evening – get it out of your system and then get on with the rest of your day!
  2. Have tech-free times, for example dinner time, and tech-free spaces, such as the bedroom.
  3. Put the phone away when it’s not used. The next room will do, and so will your bag. Out of sight, out of mind!

You may also be interested in a brief gossary of electronic publishing that we have put together to help authors.

On that note: from all of us at Hogrefe, here is wishing you, your family, and friends a happy and healthy holiday season and all the best for 2019 and beyond!

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Electronic publishing

We have put together a brief glossary of electronic publishing to help authors find their way through the plethora of terminology out there.