When Dr. Carl Jürgen Hogrefe founded his publishing house in 1949, no one would have dreamed of the development that psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry would take.

In more than 70 years, the tiny seed that he planted when he published his first psychology journal has grown into an international publishing company. Hogrefe is the leading scientific publisher for psychology, psychiatry, and mental health in Europe. These core areas are supplemented by publications in the fields of nursing, healthcare, and medicine. Our products are used in clinics, in practices of therapists and doctors, in nursery schools and schools as well as in human resources management. Originally founded in Göttingen, Germany, the Hogrefe Publishing Group today includes 16 publishing companies located in 14 countries across Europe, as well as in the USA and Brazil. An independent family business to this day, it employs 400 people.

2,500 books for professionals, scientists, and students are currently available, with 170 new titles being released each year. 38 scientific and professional journals cover all of Hogrefe’s core subject areas. Uniquely, our program includes 2,000 psychological tests in a variety of languages. In addition, we offer consulting, seminars, and specific electronic solutions.

The scientific nature of our publications, the personal nature of our dealings with our partners, and the creative design element in the consistent and focused development of our programme are the cornerstones of our success. To this day, these provide the foundations for Hogrefe and they are our obligation for the future.